1. Glenn Hall, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues

Hall would vomit out of nervousness before every game. If the reverse peristalsis didn’t come naturally, Hall would induce the vomiting himself.


2. Jacques Plante, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers

Plante’s hobby was knitting “tuques” (wool hats) which he would wear throughout his junior and minor league career. When he tried to wear one in the NHL with the Canadiens, coach Toe Blake nixed the notion.


3. Gilles Gratton, Toronto Toros, New York Rangers

“Grattoony,” as he was known to his teammates, implicitly believed that he had been reincarnated several times over and had once been a Spanish knight in the 14th century. He also is notorious as the only goalie in hockey history to have streaked (nude) across the ice. However, Gratton only did it at practice.


4. Rogatien Vachon, Montreal Canadiens, Los Angeles Kings

During the 1970’s, when players were wearing ridiculously long hair and sideburns, Vachon had one of the more arresting Fu Manchu moustaches and sideburns. “Zee sideburns,” Vachon explained, “zey are good for zee balance.”


5. Ron Hextall, Quebec Nordiques

In the most annoying and fan-inciting manner, “Hexy” would be found slapping the base of his stick back and forth off both goal posts and the crossbar before the start of each period and between each stoppage of play. Throw in the circular head movements that go along with his stick action and it maked for an unusual sight.

Ronnie had a passion for using his stick, and was involved in three separate stick-swinging suspensions in his career. This was not your average goalie.