The Vancouver native has a goofy sense of humor and a jovial personality...


As one of the premiere offensive players on your team, there’s such an immense expectation placed on you to score.  Talk about the burden and stress you feel, at such a young age, to produce, day in and day out, and how do you cope with it?

I don’t really look at it as a burden or a stress.  I play hockey to score goals and to win games; I want to play a good all-around game.  This is my 5th year in the League now, so I don’t view myself as a young player, and it’s a part of being a go-to guy.


The Jets are in the most competitive division in League, you’re the most penalized team in the NHL, and you currently have around the same number of points as the Predators and the Stars.  What are some of the key elements necessary for you and your teammates to take the Jets to the next level, to get to the top of your division?

Chris Thorburn: (Sitting next to Kane, and eavesdropping and interjecting), Thorburn!

Evander Kane: (Taking advice from his elder, and laughing), Oh, guys like Chris Thorburn, contributing offensively.  He hasn’t done that in a while (as Thorburn giggles in the corner), and I think his slump is actually longer than mine!  When the nose can find the net, we are usually pretty good.  We have to continue to play our game, and continue to play consistently, and not take nights off.


Trouba and Stuart were out, but are back, but now Bogosian, Slater, and Postma are out.  When you don’t have the same guys to play with each night, and you have various players getting injured, how is the continuity affected?

We’ve all played and are familiar with one another, and we’ve had injuries in the past.  Injuries are opportunities for other guys to step in.  It’s obviously great to have those two guys [Trouba and Stuart] back, there on defense, and it helps our team.  We work hard and we just have to go out there and perform.


Your namesake, Holyfield, has left a tremendous legacy in the world of professional boxing, with many accomplishments and titles.  What legacy would you like to leave to the world of professional hockey?

(Thinking for a few seconds) I want to be a winner, and we’ll let my career play out and see where it takes me.


You were in the same Draft class as John Tavares, of course.  Can you share any silly/interesting gossip on JT that you learned, (that perhaps his teammates and other hockey players would know about him), but the general fan base wouldn’t know? 

One of the things I remember doing, back when we were Juniors, was that we gave him diet bars for his weight.  We also gave him a sign that said, “#2” for the “Second Overall Pick” at the 2009 NHL Draft.  I know he didn’t take too kindly to that, but he obviously proved us all wrong.