A college graduate from the University of Vermont, where he played for four seasons, Kevan Miller is an inspiring, humble, and articulate body-crusher, who has proven himself to the Bruins organization.  He has played on the top pairing with Zdeno Chara, has mashed many a captain on opposing teams, and has a bright future ahead of him.


RK:  You signed a two year, one-way contract through 2015-2016.  I just read the following about you:  “The 26-year-old had originally been sent back down to the Providence Bruins prior to playing in his tenth NHL game.  Had he played Game No. 10, he would have been subject to waivers on the way down, and likely claimed.  Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli didn't want to take that risk.”  What does knowing that other teams would want to grab you do for your confidence?

KM:  Oh, they are just speculating (he says, politely).  I went through waivers at the beginning of the season.  They figured I could get in a few games, if that was a possibility.  It’s a good and a bad feeling at the same time.  I understand the circumstances of why I was sent down, but if there was any good to come out of it, I guess it was that I ended up with this contract!


RK:  What do you have to do to maintain your high level of play?

KM:  I need to take it one game at a time, try not to think about too much, and take one game at a time.  I have to come to the rink every day, be focused to play and focused to practice, and try to get better.


RK:  Which players on this team are your mentors?

KM:  A lot of the guys on the D-end (have helped).  Z (Zdeno Chára) has helped me out a ton with little things here and there.  He has been a great leader.  Johnny [Boychuk], McQuaid, and most of the older guys have helped me out a lot.  Some other guys up front, like Krejci, have helped me with stuff off the ice, so I’ve been really appreciative of that.


RK:  You were signed by the B’s as a free agent, after attending several training camps.  For the average person, for whom life is also full of many obstacles, you may be easier to relate to than some of the other guys on the team.  What advice would you give to someone who is trying to achieve a dream, which might seem unattainable?

KM:  I went through tons of ups and downs with my career.  The downs are the parts that make you stronger.  Once you battle through those, it makes you better.


RK:  Did you ever make it over to Middlebury, and how much Ben and Jerry’s did you consume?

KM:  I did visit Middlebury, actually!  I went on a whole NESCAC tour, and got to stop by their campus and they have a great rink.  And I definitely had a few Ben and Jerry’s pints when I was up in Vermont!