Jaromir Jagr has played in the NHL since 1990.  To give some perspective, that was the year his teammate, Adam Henrique, was born.  On a night when Jagr fed a “Merry Christmas” pass to his young teammate, who went on to score the Devils’ game-winning goal against the Washington Capitals, the veteran goal-scorer analyzed his team and his game.

RK:  What are ways you can improve on your team’s scoring chances?

JJ:  Sometimes I think I should pass, but the pass may not look good or I wait too long to make the pass, and I hesitate so maybe the puck gets turned over.  Other times, I realize that I’ve waited too long to make a play and I’ve also missed my chance to shoot the puck.  I gotta start shooting, haha (he says, with a big grin on his face). 


Media:  What did you think about the game?

JJ:  Tonight, we didn’t play very well and didn’t score when we had the chance; it almost cost us the game.  They came close during the last period, but generally they didn’t play very well either.  They were missing Ovechkin and so it was to our advantage.


Stan Fischler:  What about Yankee Stadium?

JJ:  First of all, we have to make sure we play better than we did today, otherwise it would be a waste of time.  The Rangers are very hot lately, maybe not the last two games, but they have had a good stretch.  They play well so we have to make sure we fight for those two key points.  We only have 30 games left and the standings are so tight. 


Media:  You played St. Louis and with tonight’s game, you have 4 points out of the way.

JJ:  We have been pretty lucky the past two games, we had a lot of bounces go our way, and today we didn’t play very well.  We caught up with teams that were…a little bit worse than we are (giggling).  We will take whatever we can, but we have to make sure we play a lot better against the Rangers because they are pretty hot.


RK:  What was the key difference between the game against St. Louis and tonight’s game?

JJ: Hmm…I would say we were more hungry against St. Louis, or maybe we were more afraid, because they are such a great team, and we thought that we had to play a perfect game against them.  But today, you see the lineup and there is no Ovechkin, so you might think “it’s going to be a much easier game.”  I know it shouldn’t happen and we shouldn’t think that way, but maybe we did think that way tonight.  Nothing is easy in this League.