Cory Schneider, a product of Massachusetts, was best known as Roberto Luongo’s sidekick over on the West Coast.  Slowly, he emerged the frontrunner of the goalie tandem.  The day the earth stood still was when Lou Lamoriello snatched Scheinder away from the Canucks, placing him alongside the Devils’ deity Martin Brodeur.  Last night’s winning netminder reminisced about college, his impressions of partnering with Marty, and possibilities of playing in Sochi.

Media:  What is so special about the Beanpot Hockey Tournament and what was so great about playing there and the amount of fans involved in it?

CS:  It’s a pretty unique event.  Outside of Boston, I don’t think there are too many people who know about it or what it means.  Being from Boston and going to school there, I remember going to those when I was little.  It’s special to that region and it’s that mid-season tournament that matters a lot more, probably more than it should, to the teams that are involved.  You always want to beat your cross-town rivals.


Media:  Freshman Thatcher Demko is a goalie at Boston College, who will probably go in the first or second round in this year’s Draft.   What would be your advice to him for the Beanpot and the Draft?

CS:  Just enjoy it, make the most of it.  Playing at the [TD] Garden in front of a big crowd, you don’t get that very often in college.  Those are the kinds of big games that help prepare you for the next level.  When you feel comfortable in those types of large-scale games, then when you make that jump and turn pro, whenever that may be, you now you’ve done this before and you know you can handle it.


Media:  What is it like to be playing with teammates who went to Boston College?

CS:  It’s fun seeing guys who I played with back in college, like Peter [Harrold] and Steve [Gionta].  We had a lot of fun when we were in college together, and it’s good to walk in the locker room and see familiar faces.  They are a couple of guys with whom I share unique experiences.  You always look out for guys you went to school with because you have a special bond, and you look out for and take care of them.  So, it’s good to have Joe [Whitney] up here to add to the pile.


Media:  What makes players who go through the BC hockey program with Coach York so desirable in the NHL?

CS:  Coach York has done a great job building up the reputation and making it a place where guys do want to go.  First of all, it’s a great school academically, so when you get to play for national titles and get a good education, it’s a pretty attractive proposition.  I also think it’s the culture that he instills: the discipline, responsibility, a winning environment, and those things that you are going to need to succeed at a pro level.


RK:  Martin Brodeur is the veteran goalie on the team.  How has he helped you adjust to the new franchise, has he been a mentor, and how is your relationship?

CS:  Marty’s been great.  He’s definitely still playing at a high level, and he’s here to play and win.  I’m not looking for him to guide me through every single thing; I know he’s got stuff to worry about, but there have been times where I’ve picked his brain about certain situations and teams, things like puck handling, etc. and he’s been very helpful and accommodating.  He’s been great with me and has a really good attitude, which makes things so much easier.


RK:  With Jimmy Howard being out with an injury, are the Olympics in the back of your mind at all?

CS:  I’m not really thinking too much about it.  I haven’t heard anything from him since the team was announced and I don’t really plan to.  If, unfortunately, something goes wrong and Jimmy can’t go, they do call me, then I’ll change my plans.  But until then, I’m more just worried about what I’m doing here for these guys and getting to the break on a high note.